Kane & Lynch 3 Possibly Cancelled

Square Enix has laid off almost half of the employees at IO Interactive as part of “significant changes” at the studio. All the projects except Hitman are cancelled , possibly including Kane & Lynch 3. IOI will only work on Hitman franchise from now on. | Source


Avatar Items and KL:2 Available to Download on Xbox Live

You can dress up your avatar with 14 different items on Xbox Live. Here is the link for avatar items. Eidos also released Kane & Lynch 2 available to download from Games on Demand for $39,99.


Eidos: Kane & Lynch Will Return

Studio president Ian Livingstone told in a recent interview that the twisted duo aren't going anywhere. "We haven't made any announcements about Kane & Lynch going forward, but we all know that Kane and Lynch are amazing characters. People like those guys, so they're not going to disappear."


Kane & Lynch 2 is One Of The Shortest Game Ever Made

Kane and Lynch's 48 hour Shanghai adventure turned out to be a lot shorter than 48 hours in-game. Apparently the game is only 3-4 hours long on normal difficulty.


Kane & Lynch 2 DLC Announced for August 31st

Beginning August 31 three unique DLC packs will be available. Including a Multiplayer Mask Pack, Alliance Weapon Pack and Doggie Bag Pack containing new maps.


Gaming's Most Notorious Criminals Trailer

Kane and Lynch 2 launch trailer is just released and even though it is so great that we wish that was in-game footage.


2 New Videos Revealed

The final Behind The Scenes video and 'Lynch Trailer' has been revealed. The whole footage from Dog Days are here, at the Video Section.


Kane & Lynch 2 Review - 9/10 in OXM UK

The UK Official Xbox Magazine has published its Kane & Lynch 2 review and given the sequel a seductive 9/10. The mag's whopping six-page review, which indicates that the sequel is a huge step up from the first Kane & Lynch.

"The no-expense-spared attitude to audio is found in everything, from voice acting to writing, to visuals, to the shooting, to the level design, to the multiplayer to the beautiful main menu.'The story is praised for not 'force-feeding you plot', but comes with a warning that there's 'some genuinely disturbing stuff in Dog Days'. It plays 'faster than Gears Of War' - OXM calls Kane & Lynch 2 a game 'with less room for thought than Gears, but one containing more moments of rigid panic'

Overall, though, the 'stunningly detailed levels', 'great shooting' and 'gorgeous audio' are more than enough to make Kane & Lynch 2 a bit special.


Kane Vignette Trailer  

Watch the newly released trailer of Adam Marcus 'Kane'.


"You Think You Can Kill Me !?" Trailer  

Here is the E3 2010 Trailer of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. It is a very intense trailer and it also reveals the helicopter shoot-out level.


3 New Teaser Videos Revealed

Gameinformer has 3 new, exclusive teasers click here to watch them.


Achievements + Trophy List Revealed!

Click here to see them.


Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Dated For all Platforms

The PC and Xbox 360 demos will be released for all on July 26, while the PlayStation 3 demo is apparently now available to non-subscribers too.


Kane and Lynch 2: Behind The Scenes #1

The developers of Kane & Lynch 2 tells the stuff that makes the game different than the others in this behind the scenes video.


K&L:2 Xbox Demo Technical Analysis

Eurogamer made a technical analysis on the Xbox 360 Demo. And it turns out that Dog Days is running on 60 FPS. But to achieve that the resolution of the game is downed to 1024x576 pixels and the game also has 2x msaa.


K&L:2 Limited Edition Trailer

Here is a trailer that shows us the stuff from limited edition.The exclusive map, masks and the weapons. The limited edition will only be available at Pal territories ; but you can obtain some of the stuff by pre ordering if u are not from Europe.


Release Date Pushed a Week Forward!

Just as i expected the release date of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has been pushed a week forward, it will now be available at 17th August 2010 in United States.


Kane & Lynch 2: Demo Impressions

Since the demo has been released few gaming sites started to write their impressions about the demo and here are few of them:

Destructoid.com | 1up.com | Thegamingliberty.com


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